Nominate an Automobile or Motorcycle 
Submit your automobile or motorcycle for consideration.
If you own a vintage automobile (1900-1969) or a pre-war motorcycle of exhibition quality that you would like to enter in this year’s Concours, you must submit a request to be nominated as a participant. Only vintage/antique automobiles and motorcycles that meet the Selection Committee’s guidelines will be accepted.
For Vintage Automobile (1900-1969) Requests
To nominate an automobile: Please submit a request including a completed Vehicle Nomination Form (online version is located at the bottom of this page), or download a printable form, and send with 6 pictures* of the automobile with the following views:
            ●1 Front Exterior View                                     ●1 Passenger’s Side Exterior View
            ●1 Rear Exterior View                                     ●1 Driver’s Side Exterior View
            ●1 Interior View                                               ●1 View Under the Hood
*The 6 required pictures of the vehicle can be submitted via email to: or non-returnable copies may also be submitted by mail to the address below.
For Motorcycle Requests
To nominate a motorcycle: Please submit a request including a completed Motorcycle Nomination Form and 2 pictures* of the bike (one of each side). The online version of the Nomination Form can be found below, or download a printable form.
*The 2 required pictures of the motorcycle can be submitted via email to: or non-returnable copies may be submitted by mail to the address below.
Where to send your pictures and completed form: If you are using our online form below, click the submit button to send the required information. If you have used the printable form you may fax it to us at (248) 643-8907 or mail it to:
                                                Concours d’Elegance of America
                                                Car Selection Committee
                                                1728 Maplelawn Drive
                                                Troy, Michigan 48084


Online Vehicle Nomination Form

Owner Information

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Vehicle Information






# Cylinders:


Summary: Interesting facts, Show history, Restoration info, etc.

RE-Body Information

Has vehicle been rebodied or altered?

If so, what year?

If so, who did the work?

If so, please provide a summary of the work done?